Business English Test – Part 1: Finance

Business English Test

Part 1 – FINANCE

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Complete with the correct option:

1-One big fear of world economies is that of...

2-What are the elements of net (P&L)?
a) results b) score c) data d) outcome

3-Assets can be divided into variable and ones.
a) Invariable b) Steady c) Fixed d) Countable

4-What are the main items of a balance ?
a) Paper b) Statement c) Performance d) Sheet

5-Entrepreneurs expect governments to reduce tax
a) Rates b) Stakes c) Numbers d) Ratio

6-What are the main products used by companies?
a) Bank's b) Banks' c) Banking d) Bankings'

7-What are the standards of bookkeeping?
a) Main b) General c) Overall d) Major

8-What are tax assets & liabilities?
a) Deferred b) Preferred c) Crucial d) Tangible

9-What are the types of tangible & assets?
a) Changing b) Intangible c) Diverted d) Reverted

10-What are the rules of of costs?
a) Capitalization b) Compensation c) Corruption d) Coherence

11-CFO stands for Chief Financial
a) Operator b) Operation c) Officer d) Option

12-What’s FIFO and ?

13-Elaborate on the methods of cost
a) Allocation b) Shift c) Transportation d) Circumstances

14-What factors to the financial performance of companies?
a) Lead b) Contribute c) Get d) Adjust

15-Explain the terms: in the red/
a) White b) Black c) Silver d) Gold

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