Business English Test 6: Production / Logistics / Procurement

Business English Test


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Complete with the correct option:

1-What does “just time delivery” mean?
a) before b) after c) in d) off

2-What are crucial factors when a logistics centre?
a) picking b) peaking c) picking up d) peaking up

3-What has to be regarding “quality management”?
a) thought b) considered c) believed d) meant

4-What are public procurements and how are they ?
a) called up b) regulated c) appointed d) nominated

5-What are the most important of public procurements?
a) levels b) grades c) stages d) steps

6-Name the main business in public procurements.
a) requirements b) standards c) expectations d) documentations

7-What are the locations of logistics centers in Poland?
a) grand b) firstly c) ongoing d) key

8-What main safety & hygiene regulations must be at production stage?
a) held b) supported c) tighten d) met

9-What can mergers have on company production?
a) input b) insight c) impact d) output

10-He approved all the main responsibilities of a site manager.
a) of b) on c) with d) in

11-How can a company become more ?
a) competent b) competing c) constructive d) competitive

12-The lecture was on the changing role of logistics centers in the economy ( e.g Amazon).
a) nowadays b) modern c) current d) European

13-How do you keep production costs ?
a) stable b) steady c) unchanged d) well - balanced

14-What are the most important in production in various industry branches?
a) factories b) plants c) companies d) factors

15-Describe a supply in one particular sector.
a) circle b) round c) chain d) course

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