Business English Test – Part 3: Project management

Business English Test


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Complete with the correct option:

1-The PMO is the source of documentation, and metrics on the practice of management and execution.
a) guiding b) guidance c) maintainance d) maintaining

2-How would you prepare a good project ?
a) Schedule b) Timetable c) Timing d) Calendar

3-How would you progress in this project?
a) do b) make c) advance d) get

4-What is the best for the project?
a) layout b) runoff c) spinoff d) structure

5-Our managers have an effort to meet the expectations.
a) done b) tried c) got d) made

6-What is a committee and what role does it play?
a) driving b) steering c) ruling d) running

7-Who is a of the project?
1) donor b) tycoon c) sponsor d) charger

8-How do you a budget for a project?
a) set b) accumulate c) maintain d) sustain

9-How can we use an company?
a) integral b) internal c) integrated d) external

10-How can you motivate employees in a project?
a) long-lasting b) long-lasted c) overlast d) overgrown

11-What are the most frequent mistakes leading to the of projects?
a) collapse b) failure c) loss d) lost

12-Name some of the main risks of a project.
a) steering b) driving c) running d) economising

13-Let´s move on to a , shall we?
a) cornerstone b) stepping-stone c) milestone d) groundstone

14-How do you failures?
a) pass b) communicate c) transfer d) voice

15-How would you a team for this project?
a) build b) built c) build in d) build-over

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