Business English Test – Part 4: Human resources

Business English Test


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Complete with the correct option:

1-What of assessment tools is commonly used?
a) group b) set c) pack d) array

2-The HR officer was impressed by the youngest for the senior position.
a) interviewer b) interviewee c) interlocutor d) intern

3-What are the most mistakes made by candidates?
a) common b) quoted c) cited d) easily

4-I am sure the candidate his best
a) made b) did c) achieved d) reached

5-How do you select the candidates?
a) proper b) appropriate c) prompt d) productive

6-What are the most important things to consider when a candidate?
a) checking up b) scrutinizing c) checking d) assessing

7-How do you lies during job interviews?
a) catch b) grab c) detect d) find

8-What are needed to work in HR?
a) quantities b) features c) qualities d) trays

9-What bonuses and can be offered to employees?
a) perks b) addings c) additives d) pros

10-What are “ detectors”?
a) gas b) smoke c) wind d) storm

11-What threats are by replacing key jobs in a single department?
a) stood b) poised c) occured d) posed

12-What are the most common reasons job dissatisfaction among employees?
a) for b) of c) off d) at

13-What requirements should foreigners in order to be employed?
a) stood b) put c) meet d) demand

14-How do you job rotation in a company?
a) withdraw b) stop c) prevent d) hold

15-How do you unexpected vacancies?
a) fullfill b) fill c) fill up d) fulfill

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