Business English Test – Part 7: Marketing and Brands

Business English Test

Part 7 – Marketing and Brands

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Complete with the correct option:

1-All the participants agreed the marketing and its role in the company
a)- b) on c) for d) with

2-I'd rather we did some of the marketing strategies.
a) in b) up c) away with d) off

3-The first step most managers to grow their business is to increase the number of customers.
a) do b) undertake c) climb d) take

4-Losses are usually suffered if inexperienced sales staff are given the task of a marketing scheme.
a) engineering b) implementing c) exaggerating d) tooling

5-One fundamental marketing strategy is to create prospective customers who are ready, and able to buy.
a) flocking b) steady c) wealthy d) willing

6-What role does “ responsibility” play in marketing today?
a) social b) socially c) public d) publicly

7-How can the value of brands be ?
a) taken b) competitive c) outstanding d) measured

8-What is the role of in marketing?
a) predicting b) prognosis c) forecasting d) insight

9-The primary goal of such a strategy is to present sales staff with prospects to into paying customers.
a) connect b) connive c) convert d) convey

10-One thing that managers can do to increase their business is to existing customers.
a) grant b) gift c) price d) reward

11-Established customers are seldom asked whether they are interested in more or new products or services; they are all too often taken for
a) gifts b) granite c) given d) granted

12-If a company decides on changing a brand, this is called
a) renaming b) rebranding c) renewing d) remarketing

13-How would you develop, maintain and manage a Sales & Marketing ?
a) Board b) Whiteboard c) Boarding d) Dashboard

14-Sharing news, information and offers with customers increases their of repurchase.
a) affiliation b) frequency c) notification d) number

15-Customers should be offered more value through complimentary products and services at the of sale.
a) area b) bill c) counter d) point

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