Business English Test – Part 8: IT

Business English Test

Part 8 – IT

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Complete with the correct option:

1-Some people also consider as a danger to humanity.
a) Big Data b) Blockchain c) AI d) Cloud

2-A system is considered if it is capable of increasing its total output under an increased load when resources (typically hardware) are added.
a) scalable b) user-friendly c) updated d) operational

3- is a term that is used to describe a fault in a program that prevents it from working properly.
a) Exploit b) Flea c) Worm d) Bug

4-CPU stands for Processing Unit.
a) Central b) Circuit c) Coding d) Computing

5-A modem is a device that digital computer signals into analogue telephone signals and vice versa.
a) transmits b) passes c) encodes d) changes

6-You boot a computer by an operating system from a disk.
a) launching b) running c) downloading d) loading

7- “ code” is a text collection of computer instructions that is compiled into a computer program.
a) open b) source c) general d) raw

8-The usefulness of a search engine depends on the of the result set it gives back.
a) relevance b) priority c) approach d) rank

9-Our application, which keeps users from accessing parts of a network, is selling well.
A) remote b) hostile c) unauthorized d) unprofessional

10- tests measure the maximum throughput of a network.
a) Bandwidth b) Volume c) Format d) Capacity

11-(A) is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties in a verifiable way.
a) SHA b) ethereum c) blockchain d) bitcoin

12-Some search engines also data available in databases and open directories.
a) query b) dig c) mine d) utilise

13- Computers can catch viruses from attachments and downloads.
a) exec b) malicious c) zipped d) infected

14-Cookies are bits of data that a computer uses to collect information on your history.
a) log b) social media c) searching d) browsing

15-What do you do to keep with technology?
a) up to date b) update c) timely d) on time

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