Business English Test 5: Sales

Business English Test

Part 5 – SALES

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Complete with the correct option:

1-How can we company sales?
a) increase b) grow c) raise d) rise

2- Unfortunately, the most popular sales strategy has been
a) put on b) put up c) put in d) put off

3-Our sales representative went on strike for a pay
a) raise b) increase c) rise d) decrease

4-They announced that our sales had increased 10 per cent.
a) on b) over c) almost d) by

5-What can sales teams be offered?
a) incentives b) motivations c) indictments d) instructions

6-How would you decreasing sales?
a) heighten b) elevate c) overcome d) upgrade

7-How many are applying for the position of sales representative?
a) internships b) interns c) disciples d) solicitors

8-I learnt that our offer had met with
a) rejection b) refusal c) reimbursement d) recovery

9-What are the key factors in maintaining high of sales?
a) volume b) premiums c) output d) policy

10-How do you and maintain good relationships with business partners?
a) start b) begin c) establish d) spark

11-What are some of the non-price- factors in sales?
a) linked b) related c) bound d) connected

12-What role do trainings and play in sales?
a) speeches b) curses c) lessons d) courses

13-I guess the level stable
a) goes b) is currently c) does d) holds

14- We are going to discuss our sales strategy.
a) about b) of c) on d)-

15-Unfortunately, after the torrential rains and earthquakes our sales
a) soared b) plummeted c) felt d) diminished


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