Business English Test – Part 10: General Management / Strategy

Business English Test


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Complete with the correct option:

1-The act of gaining property, e.g. real estate is called
a) acquisition b) buying c) possessing d) soliciting

2-What are the most common barriers to and how can we overcome them?
a) entry b) gate c) emergency d) commence

3-What is Advantage and how can it be maintained or overcome?
a) Competition b) Coherent c) Competitive d) Successful

4-What is Diligence?
a) Main b) Due c) Contract d) Permissive

5-Elaborate on Economies of and Scope
a) Scale b) Scales c) Scopes d) Scoop

6-Gross Revenue means sales income; the amount the customer actually pays.
a) operational b) net c) gross d) raw

7-What risks are related to Takeover?
a) Unfriendly b) Hostile c) Enemy d) Pressurized

8-When does a Non- Agreement come in handy?
a) revealing b) disclosure c) misclosure d) inclosure

9- KPI stands for Key Performance
a) Income b) Instance c) Indicator d) Innovation

10-Make it well-defined and
a) quantitative b) quantifiable c) quantifying d) qualifying

11-This information is crucial in how we can outsell your competition.
a) determining b) structuring c) providing d) adjusting

12-This is considered one of the most important in e-commerce.
a) parameters b) metric c) parameter d) metrics

13-What is Capital?
a) Company b) Work c) Working d) Equity

14- is a set of activities that a firm operating in a specific industry performs in order to deliver a valuable product or service to the market
a) Chain Value b) Value Chain c) Evaluated Chain d) Chain Evaluation

15-TQM stands for Total Management
a) Quantity b) Quality c) Qualification d) Qualtrics

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