Business English Test – Part 9: Legal English

Business English Test


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TASK 9. Legal English
Complete with the correct option:

1-Do any countries except for Britain have a system of -law?
a) common b) general c) state d) natural

2-Our attorney acts our company.
a) representing b) in the name of c) in charge d) on behalf of

3-I am in charge of all the legal arrangements.
a) doing b) making c) proceeding d) progressing

4-Power should be divided into executive, legislative and systems.
a) legal b) judiciary c) judicial d) court

5-How can intellectual property be ?
a) damaged b) devastated c) abused d) impaired

6-What stages of are there in a law court?
a) trial b) process c) processing d) verdict

7-What is the power of and how is it applied?
a) acquittance b) attorney c) solicitor d) plead

8-A person representing the state in an investigation is called a/an
a) investigator b) prosecutor c) persecutor d) attorney

9-Our aim is not to the law.
a) violate b) plea c) enforce d) offend

10-What is a notary and what are his/her responsibilities?
a) officer b) executive c) public d) general

11-Crime does not
a) work b) pay c) act d) comply

12-You are arrest!
a) in b) under c) on d) being

13-Pickpocketing is considered a offence.
a) small b) legal c) tiny d) minor

14-His lawyer against the verdict.
a) protested b) voiced c) appealed d) voted

15-I'd rather your company avoided a/an action.
a) legal b) judiciary c) class d) criminal

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