Business English Test – Part 2: Economy & Markets

Business English Test


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Complete with the correct option:

1- GDP stands for Domestic Product
a) Grand b) General c) Gross d) Generated

2-What contributes to GDP?
a) Growth b) Rise c) Sums d) Amounts

3-The number of people without jobs is called the unemployment
a) Figures b) Rate c) Scale d) Number

4-An Economy with few regulations is called a market
a) Deregulated b) Free c)Globalised d)Advanced

5-The selling of products abroad is called
a) Import b) Export c) Barter d) Swaps

6-Sophisticated financial instruments are called
a) Derivatives b) Superlatives c) Revenues d) Speculatives

7-Explain the term “ easing”
a) Exceeded b) Audited c)Legal d) Quantitative

8-Who sets rates and what are they?
a) Banking b) Interest c) Annual d) Financial

9-NBP is Poland's bank.
a) General b )Main c) Major d) Central

10-Countries like Poland or China are called “ markets”
a) Emerging b) Inclining c) Preceding d) Diversed

11-BPO stands for Business Process
a) Outcome b) Operation c) Outsourcing d) Ongoing

12-And now the exchange news.
a) Stock b) Lock c) Rock d) Capital

13-Name some companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
a) Stated b) Listed c) Signed d) Assigned

14-Inflation vs and their impact on the economy
a)Stagnation b) Investment c) Turnover d) Deflation

15-Elaborate on the situation in the sector you work in.
a) Annual b) Currently c) Nowadays d) Current

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