General English Test


  1. articles
  2. adjectives and adverbs
  3. past, present and future tenses
  4. conditional sentences
  5. transitions and connectors

general english test - angielski dla firm Warszawa

Complete with 'zero', a, an or the:

1. High Street in London is what every tourist wants to see.

2. May I get information where they are staying?

3. I am not interested in politics; least of all in politics of Trotsky.

4. I hate women. Particularly, I hate women whose ideas are used against me.

5. George ordered book and book has just arrived.

6. Philadelphia which Mr. Johnson knows so well is heritage of colonial times.

7. From time to time people see UFO in sky.

8. Bell invented telephone and Newton discovered law of gravitation.

9. George turned radio on.

10. I come from Ukraine. I would like to see Sahara and Congo.

11. George was elected chairman of meeting.

12. Prime Minister arrived to talk to unemployed.

13. To get to the city center, take bus 116.

14. When in Washington, you might want to visit White House.

15. Of all European countries, Greece has most ancient monuments.


Underline the correct option or tick those adverbs which can complete the sentences and cross those that cannot. In one case none of the adverbs will fit.

1. Clarice opened the door to the secret compartment.

2. We don’t know the identity of the masked stranger.

3. You can see the coast from this point.

4. Our next door neighbours go there

5. the boss gives me a hard time.

6. I get the feeling you haven’t understood my point.

7. The public don’t respond in the ways advertisers expect them to.

8. I haven’t been to the cinema

9. Alarming signs of radiation leakage have been reported around the power station.

10. She came up with an

11. We are very in your opinion on the subject.

12. The book was bored/boring and so ..

13. .. we were .

14. We were so to go ..

15. .. on this trip.


Put the word in brackets in the appropriate form. Add passivization where logical. Modal verbs are marked : modal.

The new university hospital in Trenton, which the health Minister Victoria Culley (1)(describe) as a ‘shining example to hospitals all over the country’, (2)(be) open now for over six month. Having heard several less than complimentary comments about the organization and efficiency of the place, I (3)(decide) to see for myself. Before going there, I (4)(arrange) with my local GP to have some routine blood test for anaemia.
In spite of arriving early, I (5)(find) that there (6)(be) already long queues at the reception desk. While I (7)(wait) I (8)(look) around and have to admit it (9)(be) an impressive building; large with marbles everywhere. Eventually my turn came and I presented my doctor’s letter to the receptionist, who (10)(inform) me I (11)(be) in the x-ray queue and I (12)(have to) to go to another queue and start again! I asked her if it (13)(be) possible to give ma an appointment card anyway without making me queue up again. She informed me that I (14)(modal + read) the sign saying ‘X-Rays’ just in front of her where very few people (15)(modal + see) it. No matter how hard I tried to persuade her, she (16)(not give) me an appointment so I started waiting again and finally got the card at 8.30. I got out of the hospital at 9.45 and breathed a sigh of relief. I (17)(wait) for results now.
So, Mrs Culley, a far from rosy picture. Certainly the public should be under no illusion that things (18)(change) for the better. Perhaps you should visit the hospital as an anonymous out-patient rather than a government minister.


Complete the conditional sentences below:

(1) If you had taken my advice ...

(2) If you worked less ...

(3) We'll send for the doctor if ...

(4) If she practised more ...

(5) If you had checked the petrol before we started ...

(6) This clock wouldn't have run down if...

(7) If we leave before breakfast...

(8) If we left before breakfast …

(9) Her project might have been saved if ...

(10) John will help you with your homework unless ...

(11) Should you need anything, ...

(12) Had Donald Trump started his political career a few years before he entered the rally, …

(13) If I were you, …

(14) You should stop whenever …

(15) Provided the sugar level dropped suddenly, …


Add another clause (containing a subject and a verb) to form a complete sentence , join the sentences to form a complex sentence or just choose an option.

1. Some students take exams in a winter session whereas

2. Some people have studied English for years nevertheless

3. Since I have already finished my homework

4. Students must take final exams otherwise

5. I live near the center of the city hence

6. Women don’t drink as much alcohol as men do, nor

7. I have studied English for ten years, yet

8. Men live shorter than women, for

9. She started to work in a pharmaceutical company in spite of

10. The members of the board voted for bringing Christmas bonuses back although

11. He will get home he can.

12. the end of the century, the climate will have changed.

13. alternative sources of power are developed, the steps will be taken to stop global warming.

14. She wasn’t good at languages she would resist going abroad.

15. the great danger, we decided to attempt the rescue.


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